Tomo Sushi.

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Tomo Sushi

Located at 9625 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON

Tomo Japanese restaurant offers superior quality sushi and Japanese cuisine. As such, it was vital that the atmosphere match the quality and elegance of the restaurant's values.


With this in mind, Koryo Interiors designed and built Tomo utilizing rich dark tones from the top (crown molding), middle (custom made booths) and the bottom (floor tiles) levels of the room to provide a luxurious ambiance throughout the restaurant.


The use of neutral colours along the walls creates a neat buffer between the sleek dark tones, while the red benches add a little bit of sophistication to contrast the dark and neutral settings. 

Works performed by Koryo Interiors include:

  • Ceiling: Installation of natural stone table lights, crown molding and paint, custom milled light boxes (sushi bar).
  • Flooring: Installation of stone floor tiles.
  • Walls: Installation of natural stone tiles, laminate wall panels, multi-tone mosaic painting.
  • Custom milled high quality tables, benches, booths, cabinets, counters and decorations.
  • Washroom: Custom milled doors, stalls, and installation of granite counter top/sink.

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