Private Residence.

Discover the specifications and work completed during the transformation of this project.

Project Details.

Private Residence

Apartment unit located in Toronto, ON

From the wooden ceiling to the tatami flooring, every component of this space was custom made and fitted by Koryo Interiors. Both extensive custom millwork and hand craftsmanship was involved in bringing this project to life. As a result, this space beautifully exemplifies how modern spaces can be renovated with traditional Japanese woodwork and aesthetics. This space also embodies the creativity, knowledge and craftsmanship that is inherent within our company.

Works performed by Koryo Interiors include:


  • Custom milled wooden ceiling panels and decorative beams.

  • Custom fitted tatami flooring, Installation of hardwood flooring in the hallways.

  • Handcrafted traditional shoji Japanese sliding doors and windows. Made with wood and rice paper.

  • Custom milled Japanese style modern doors for washroom and den entrance.

  • Custom milled Japanese style cabinets installed throughout the home.

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