Kimchi Korea House.

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Kimchi Korea House 

Located at 149 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Kimchi Korea House has become a popular Korean restaurant in the downtown area since it first opened its doors in 2011.  Koryo Interiors was responsible for the complete design and build of the restaurant as you see it today. The design of the restaurant was based on incorporating both traditional and contemporary styles to create a space that represents historic Korea and the trendy modern world.


The use of natural wood in the frames, furniture, and decorative pieces within the restaurant pay homage to “Hanok” (traditional korean homes), while the chic patterns and colour schemes seen throughout the restaurant provides a modern artistic component that befits the restaurant's location.

Works performed by Koryo Interiors include:


  • Entrance: Custom milled wooden front, entrance frames and entrance door. 
  • Flooring: Installation of ceramic floor tiles.
  • Walls: Installation of mosaic tiles, stones and painting.
  • Custom milled high quality tables, benches, booths, cabinets and counters
  • Custom milled ceiling light frames and decorations
  • Washroom: Custom milled doors, cabinets and counters.

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